A Cultural Tourism Project@Sancha Lake, Jianyang, Sichuan

1. 接水边界长,更多产品具有良好的滨水景观;2.高程丰富,坡度平缓,坡向各异,如完全依山而建,很多产品无法获得良好视野。因此我们认为建筑应依地势起伏,巧妙利用地形并加以合理改造,创造丰富的空间效果和视觉感受;3.四块用地相对独立,被非建设用地隔开,反而可以用来创造社区良好的景观环境,让不同组团的业主形成相对独立的尊贵感;4. 水位高差最大时相差4-5m,本项目最大的卖点就是一望无际的三岔湖景,相对于低层建筑,高层建筑可以很好的引入水景,同时还可以增加容积率、减小建筑密度。在规划中安排适量的高层将有助于提高项目的品质。项目用地呈不规则几何形,突出的几个端部具有无可比拟的视野优势。我们认为:水景的利用在本项目的规划中将起到决定性的作用。充分利用建设用地的临水面、尽可能多地将水景引入居住单元不仅可以提高卖点还可以丰富居住区景观元素,因而良好保护并巧妙引用原自然风景是设计的重要原则。

[Land use characteristics]
1. Long water boundary, more products have good waterfront landscape; 2. The elevation is rich, the slope is gentle, and the slope aspect is different. If it is built completely according to the mountain, many products can not get a good view. Therefore, we think that architecture should be based on the undulating terrain, skillfully use the terrain and make reasonable transformation to create rich spatial effect and visual experience; 3. The four plots of land are relatively independent and separated by non construction land. On the contrary, they can be used to create a good landscape environment in the community, so that the owners of different groups can form a relatively independent sense of dignity; 4. The maximum difference of water level elevation is 4-5m. The biggest selling point of this project is the endless Sancha lake view. Compared with low rise buildings, high-rise buildings can well introduce waterscape, increase plot ratio and reduce building density. It will help to improve the quality of the project to arrange the right amount of senior management in the planning. The project site is irregular geometry, and several prominent ends have unparalleled visual field advantages. We think: the use of waterscape will play a decisive role in the planning of this project. Making full use of the water surface of the construction land and introducing waterscape into residential units as much as possible can not only improve the selling points, but also enrich the landscape elements of residential areas. Therefore, good protection and clever use of the original natural landscape is an important principle of design.


[Transportation strategy]
Make use of the mountain characteristics to create the diversion of people and vehicles, creatively arrange the motorway in the community, and reduce the impact on the residents through the height difference. Usually, the main roads are set outside the land in the residential area design, so as not to affect the life of the residents inside. According to the situation of the mountain, the original valley of the hill is used as the elevation of the garage and the roadway, and the garage can be directly entered without height difference. Residents on the upper platform can contact the lower platform and waterfront landscape belt through a number of landscape steps, and outdoor barrier free elevator can be added if necessary.


[Landscape strategy]
As the current overall terrain is hilly, after the new construction is integrated, we still hope to maintain the characteristics of the existing terrain, rather than the effect of flat house. Therefore, both hotels and residential areas are the effect of the integration of architectural landscape of mountain architecture. At the root of the building, there is a green slope slowly rising. Part of the building is wrapped by the landscape, forming the impression that you have me and I have you, and the building grows out of the landscape; The community roadway is located at a low elevation, and the covering soil rises to both sides, forming the feeling of natural valley.

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A Cultural Tourism Project@Sancha Lake, Jianyang, Sichuan


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