Wanda Academy, Langfang, Hebei

Building design presents a planning theme of magnificent efficient and rigorous enterprise characters. Stone is used as the main facade material to provide a solid, steady, simple and modern environment.

The Design of teaching building aims at creating a vertical form and an academic environment also with lecture rooms and multi-use classrooms, the building shapes a courtyard is the main element of prototype in the college.

Administrative building focused on presenting an extending and open balcony. It is a focal point of the square on its south side. The dimension of the square was the main consideration and formulating a horizontal performance of the building design. Exhibition building is designed into a cubic shape. The design of the entrance gives people a strong perceptual experience. LED lighting system is decorated on the top of the elevation which makes a romantic and quiet environment at the night time. 

Canteen, together with the courtyard on its east side, is the most important outdoor leisure public space in the planning. Sports building incorporates facilities for swimming and fitness. The shape of the building has got a character of sculpture. Data centre is the only building of all that uses metal on the façade to show a digitalized character. A linear-shaped space is formed by student accommodation, teaching building, dining hall and data centre. This functional ‘Street’ space will be a main social public space of the college. 

Wanda Academy is a full time higher occupational college that is operated by Wanda Group for training employees. As an intermediate and advanced personnel training base with variety of tiers, standards, forms and functions, the academy provides many qualified professionals for Wanda Group. The campus is located in the northeast of Langfang, with an area of 200 ha., with Liyuan Road on the east and Yuanhua Road on the north. Specific areas and existing conditions are shown in the site plan. The construction has two stages. It can accommodate 800 students in the first stage, and 1600 students in further stage. Land use includes: 1 Teaching Building; 2 Library; 3 Administrative Building; 4 Gym; 5 Accommodation; 6 Canteen; 7 Planning Exhibition and Hotel Sample Exhibition; 8 Information Centre; 9 Entrance and Reception; 10 Stadium and Stage.

Project Name

Wanda Academy, Langfang, Hebei





Site Area

200 Chinese mu

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Time of design



Under construction


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