Core Area of International Elite Community@Tongzhou,Beijing


Taking the current situation and planning resources inside and outside the region as the core, a series of related industries and functions can be derived, and there is a close interaction between different resources, industries and functions. These industries and functions should be the basic elements for the development of the whole region.


Relying on the drive of global theme park, we will develop cultural tourism related industrial clusters and form an industrial chain from creativity to R&D, from production to exhibition and promotion. At the same time, we will join multi-level experiential activities to highlight the diversity of cultural tourism industry and become the activity center of the whole region.


Technological innovation is one of the core industries of Tongzhou District. The establishment of international talent community in cultural tourism area will certainly attract a large number of international high-end talents and international advanced technology companies to settle in. Taking this opportunity, it is very important to lay out the scientific and technological R&D function in line with international standards in the region. We should focus on attracting the international well-known core industry headquarters office, and form a center to continue to gather related industries and promote development. At the same time, we should actively introduce research institutes and institutions of well-known universities at home and abroad, establish mutual assistance mechanism, set up new industry incubators, and comprehensively promote the development of science and technology industry.


Environmental symbiosis and eco city is a worldwide development theme, and also an important factor for Tongzhou District to build a livable community. At present, the water treatment base of the south to North Water Transfer Project and the environmental reconstruction of xiaotaihou River are the important contents based on environmental symbiosis. In order to build a healthy community with international leading level, we should lay out industrial system with environmental symbiosis and health as the core, such as sponge city research, new energy research and other industrial institutions, and effectively use the driving role of international talents to form industrial clusters.


Learning from the development strategies of high-end communities at home and abroad (Google future city in Toronto, new city in Japan, etc.), the construction of smart city is the inevitable direction. Tongzhou international talent community should pay more attention to the development of this aspect, such as the development of intelligent transportation system, intelligent community and furniture system, intelligent Internet of things and logistics system, etc., and enhance the overall influence and quality of life of the community by means of unmanned driving, 5g network coverage, etc. Therefore, we should lay out relevant industries in the region, attract international talents, and carry out research and development of smart city.


It is very important to provide a community with perfect supporting facilities for the healthy development of the whole region. International city and industrial construction can attract international talents to settle in, and perfect living and commercial facilities are the supporting factors for international people to live and work at ease. In particular, we need to build various supporting facilities according to international standards, and pay attention to different cultures, so that international talents can enjoy the international living environment while providing creativity, and truly attract, retain and use well.

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Core Area of International Elite Community@Tongzhou,Beijing


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